Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wal-Mart Canada Supports Earth Hour

I wrote a post few days ago about Earth Hour. I just received a release through CanWire that Wal-Mart Canada announced today that it is reducing its store lighting in support of Earth Hour, a global event organized by the World Wildlife Federation to raise awareness of climate change. While this is great news! What about the other days (and hours) of the year? What is Wal-mart doing to help the environment. They have introduced Wal-Mart cloth bags, which last time I was at the store - were no where near the cash...(brilliant!), and in the summer they reduced lighting in the store to conserve energy (why not all year? Those florescent lights kill me!)

In the meantime, they have added video screens all over the store that play all day long (instead of turning on when perhaps I walk by!), the stores keep getting bigger, they use more and more cardboard disposable displays rather than permanent shelving, and they offer very little in Organic and Green products (where are the BPA friendly bottles?). For a company that pressures its manufacturers to cut product costs and incorporate expensive logistical systems they have done little to pressure their manufacturers to cut down on packaging or use recyclable materials.

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A second news release, moments behind the Wal-mart announcement - 600 Plus Hbc Stores Join Earth Hour Movement by Turning Off Lights on March 29th. Only HBC is dimming lights for an hour rather than for the entire day as Wal-mart is doing.

Nothing like retailers jumping on the latest trend that might make consumers happy! If only they made environmental concerns a mandate for the year and for more than just dimming the lights!

A&P and Staples Business Depot join the fray!

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