Wednesday, January 31, 2007

IQ 2007

I swore I wouldn't be one of those moms who is constantly telling people how incredibly brilliant her kid is, how speedy he is in putting together puzzles...or bragging about how many words he can spin together, or the latest and greatest - amazing trick he did that day.

But I beg your forgiveness as I do just a bit of bragging about Owen. He has got to be the smartest kid on the planet!

Over the last few months he has been learning more words every day, in fact it has increased exponentially every day... Owen may even attempt that word if we asked.

Today he said "got dinosaur book" - that is three words all together! Never mind that "dinosaur" sounded like "donsaur". He actually has names for various of his favourite books (he sleeps with three of them), for example "no book" is a book called Sadie's Snowman, "no" is "snow". The alphabet book seems to be known is " E I , E I " - and whenever he sees the alphabet he says this...

He can point to pictures in the book and say "sun", "kitty", and "apple". He can tell you what sound the animals make. Dinosaur - roar, Cow - Moo, Duck - Quack. He knows the number "2". In the Hungry Caterpillar book he says 2, when we count the fruit. He accurately names every mode of transportation (boat, train, truck, airplane, helicopter...) and then puts them correctly into his puzzle

While not brilliant he says "Up or Down" - yes both at the same time - when he wants to be picked up or put down. However, he has just said "Up the stairs" - so for at least this - he has dropped the down part of the equation.

Did I mention he sings? He sings songs to himself, he sings along with the TV. Sometimes he sings Ring Around the Rosie by himself and spins in circles. He gets the tune - but not the words - except for the word down - which he says emphatically and falls down!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Oh! No! Snow

Today we took Owen out to enjoy the snow. While I dislike the snow, it was worth the 45 minutes outside to see Owen have fun in the sled.

Like last year, not too many smiles - he just sat wide eyed checking everything out. He waved at dogs that passed by, and said "bye bye doggie" long after they were gone.

I believe, despite the lack of smiles, that he had a good time. An hour after we got home, he asked Anton to open the front door. Anton said it was cold outside. A few minutes later, Owen walks into the kitchen with his hat and mittens on, once again asking us to open the door!

Before bed I read him Sadie's Snowman which is about a little girl that makes a snowman, and then a squirrel steals the nose, a racoon steals the smile and the birds eat the eyes. Then of course the snowman melts, the little girl rebuilds him etc. Until the end of the winter when she freezes the left over water. Throughout the story Owen points at the snow and says "snow" and at the melted snowman " Oh no, snow down". When the squirrel steals the carrot nose he says, "Oh no, snow nose". He is such a genius.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Adding some colour

Owen got a brand new bedroom and play room today. Well, at least a new colour. Here is his beautiful new blue bedroom. It is the same colour as his old room, so he should feel right at home once we hang up his pictures.

We couldn't decide on a colour for his playroom, which will also be a guest room. So we asked Hannah's mom Jennie for an idea - and she said a buttery yellow. Great choice - it is pretty, fun and yet it can be toned down for a guest room. It is hard to tell from the photo, but it is more yellow than it appears here. When the guests come to visit - as you can tell we have a few things to move around or stuff into closets!

Owen helped us move all his furniture back into his room. Then he wandered around playing with each of his toys as though it was his first time seeing them! He even put some of them away without being asked!

And no need to be concerned (as if!) We haven't forgotten our room this time. While it didn't get a new paint colour - we did get some new bedding and a new wall hanging - thanks to some gift certificates... We finally have a "finished" room - we even have decorative pillows.

Lots of other things to do around the house, but Owen seems pleased with his colourful new spaces.

Now if only the house would clean itself.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Angel in the Next Room, the Devil in My Bed

How is it that he - this little angel - knows exactly the nights that I decide to stay up late (10pm)? It is as though he has some sort of spidy sense that tells him that "this is a great night to wake mom up for a couple hours"

Some days I feel as though he is out to get me. And I am ruined for the next 24 hours. Then night rolls around again and I get sucked into trying to do something for myself - and - sigh..end up staying up late again. Perhaps the same thing will happen this evening - if I keep writing this.

Last night, the first night in awhile that he has woken up in the night (hence my staying up late...Murphy's Law), he woke at 2, and despite cajoling and begging he refused to sleep in his crib. This usually is a symptom that he has cold, or that we are not at home (he dislikes change). So I bring him into my room and he lies there happy, smiling at me, giving me kisses. Did I mention sleep. No. He was awake despite cajoling and begging for almost two hours. Just lying there with his eyes open.

4:30 rolls around and I doze off, he has a milk and finally sleeps. Sometime around five he has spun himself around so that his feet are in my face, and he is sleeping across the bed. I know this because he has kicked me in the face.

6:10 the alarm goes off, snooze.
6:19 the alarm goes off again. This time I change the alarm time to go off at 7.
7:00 Get out of bed and tip toe around...eyes are actually blood shot.
I woke Owen at 7:30 poor kid, but he smiled happily at me. I think he was thinking " I got her good!"

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

tigger bounces no more

After dinner...their was an operation - on Bouncing Tigger. It seems he was hit one too many time and he was down for the count.

Anton took it upon himself to try to get the bounce back into Tigger. However, Tigger it seems is out of commission - with little bounce in his steps. Owen will have to deal with a Tigger that just says "bounce with tail never fails...bounce again, wanna?" While vibrating slightly. Owen answering Tigger, "Wanna"

Poor Tigger. He only lasted a month.

Monday, January 8, 2007

time flies...

When I was off on maternity leave I had time during "nap time" to update a website with Owen's pictures, call friends and family and keep my photographs in order. In fact, I had time to create a scrapbook in Owen's honor.

Now, back at work - I have little time to keep up with my TV programs, book club and laundry - let a lone make long phone calls and ensure that all the stories about Owen's progress and photos to boot are passed along.

So I will try my hand at a blog. Since I appear to be "online" occassionally! While I hope my family and friends will appreciate hearing about Owen's latest adventures - my true goal is to keep an accurate account of his toddlerhood so that I can share it with him when he grows up.

Favourite toys: Blocks, cars, choo-choo trains, anything he can push around the floor and make noise. But the ultimate toy is a $3 Dirt Devil broom. He helps out by sweeping the house, and when we have the mop and bucket out - he dips his dirt devil in the bucket and helps with the mopping.

Least favourite toys: Probably Bouncing Tigger. If you squeeze Tigger's hand (paw?) it bounces and sings. Owen hits it over.

Favourite food: Cheese, Apple Juice, Peas. He also loves fruit, whatever is in season. Currently - Mandarin oranges.

Favourite Activities: Dancing (Ring around the rosie - "we all fall down" is very enjoyable" - over and over and over again). Singing (basically making interesting sounds - loudly), talking on the phone (hi nana, bye nana), and of course sweeping.

Favourite words: "Bob the builder" "choo-choo" " nana" - banana "mommy" "daddy" "cheese" "apple juice" "ball" is my new years resolution. To write in this blog for Owen once or twice a week. You can't say I am not goal oriented...