Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Angel in the Next Room, the Devil in My Bed

How is it that he - this little angel - knows exactly the nights that I decide to stay up late (10pm)? It is as though he has some sort of spidy sense that tells him that "this is a great night to wake mom up for a couple hours"

Some days I feel as though he is out to get me. And I am ruined for the next 24 hours. Then night rolls around again and I get sucked into trying to do something for myself - and - sigh..end up staying up late again. Perhaps the same thing will happen this evening - if I keep writing this.

Last night, the first night in awhile that he has woken up in the night (hence my staying up late...Murphy's Law), he woke at 2, and despite cajoling and begging he refused to sleep in his crib. This usually is a symptom that he has cold, or that we are not at home (he dislikes change). So I bring him into my room and he lies there happy, smiling at me, giving me kisses. Did I mention sleep. No. He was awake despite cajoling and begging for almost two hours. Just lying there with his eyes open.

4:30 rolls around and I doze off, he has a milk and finally sleeps. Sometime around five he has spun himself around so that his feet are in my face, and he is sleeping across the bed. I know this because he has kicked me in the face.

6:10 the alarm goes off, snooze.
6:19 the alarm goes off again. This time I change the alarm time to go off at 7.
7:00 Get out of bed and tip toe around...eyes are actually blood shot.
I woke Owen at 7:30 poor kid, but he smiled happily at me. I think he was thinking " I got her good!"

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