Sunday, February 25, 2007


Every day Owen shows us more of who "he" is. Sharing with us his personality. he surprises us daily with his sense of humour, his kindness, and his easy going nature.

Since he was a baby he has always been very relaxed, a textbook baby that cried only when hungry, wet, tired, or hurt. He continues to be so easy going, often able to entertain himself with his own toys. Unless of course he is hungry, then he stands in the kitchen staring at you saying "eat, eat, eat" and he gets under your feet asking you to lift him "up - chair".

Owen is helpful. At school he is usually one of the first kids there, and his teachers will ask him to help take down the chairs off the toddler tables. He practically runs to help to do this. In the evening as we are cleaning up the dishes, he grabs his broom.

More and more I think he is a bit of a neat and organized child. Surprising since, Anton and I really aren't! After his bath he puts his toys away, when he spills cheerios he says "mess" - although he is slow to clean them up eventually he does. Today he was playing by himself, and I noticed he was taking his dinosaurs out and lining them up in a row.

The most amazing thing I notice is Owen's sense of humour. He loves to make people laugh. And he does it easily. Whether it is dancing and spinning in circles, laughing to himself, or jumping on top of mom or dad and giggling - he is regularly smiling. He will do the same "trick" over and over again of course if it gets the right response. Today we spend a good half an hour, where Owen puts a leaf on his head and says (hands up in a shrug) "Where'd it go" then he shakes, or spins, or jumps and the leaf falls on the floor. Then he says "there it is" and laughs.

While everyday he is learning something new so are we!

As Owen would say ** "bye bye computer"

** This week he has been saying "bye" to everything as he leaves a room. "Bye pen", "bye choo-choo" , "bye coffee" (my coffee), "bye mommy" "bye daddy"!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Phone Thing

So the "pone" or phone as we call it has remained - for some time one of Owen's favourite items in the home. Whether a cell phone, a cordless, or a land-line phone he is intrigued. He has five "play" phones - but these don't have the same effect.

When guests visit, he borrows their cell phones and shows off by wandering around talking into it. Pausing. Then talking. My brother visited once awhile back - with a phone that doesn't look like a typical phone, yet - somehow Owen knew it was a phone and began his telephone comedic show.

The obsession continues. When the phone rings. He says "pone" and then runs for it. Today, I called home when I was out, Anton let Owen answer the phone. He said "Hi" I said "Hi Owen", he said "Hi Mommy". Does that count as a conversation?

Later on Anton's parents phoned and we asked Owen if he would like to say hi to Nanna. He got on the phone and said "Hi Nanna" then "Hi poppa" and then he pointed to the phone and said "In- poppa" - as if to say that Poppa was "in" the phone!

If the obsession continues - by the time he is a teenager we might need to get a second line just for him. Mind you, even without the obsession by then we might need one anyhow.