Wednesday, January 31, 2007

IQ 2007

I swore I wouldn't be one of those moms who is constantly telling people how incredibly brilliant her kid is, how speedy he is in putting together puzzles...or bragging about how many words he can spin together, or the latest and greatest - amazing trick he did that day.

But I beg your forgiveness as I do just a bit of bragging about Owen. He has got to be the smartest kid on the planet!

Over the last few months he has been learning more words every day, in fact it has increased exponentially every day... Owen may even attempt that word if we asked.

Today he said "got dinosaur book" - that is three words all together! Never mind that "dinosaur" sounded like "donsaur". He actually has names for various of his favourite books (he sleeps with three of them), for example "no book" is a book called Sadie's Snowman, "no" is "snow". The alphabet book seems to be known is " E I , E I " - and whenever he sees the alphabet he says this...

He can point to pictures in the book and say "sun", "kitty", and "apple". He can tell you what sound the animals make. Dinosaur - roar, Cow - Moo, Duck - Quack. He knows the number "2". In the Hungry Caterpillar book he says 2, when we count the fruit. He accurately names every mode of transportation (boat, train, truck, airplane, helicopter...) and then puts them correctly into his puzzle

While not brilliant he says "Up or Down" - yes both at the same time - when he wants to be picked up or put down. However, he has just said "Up the stairs" - so for at least this - he has dropped the down part of the equation.

Did I mention he sings? He sings songs to himself, he sings along with the TV. Sometimes he sings Ring Around the Rosie by himself and spins in circles. He gets the tune - but not the words - except for the word down - which he says emphatically and falls down!

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