Sunday, January 28, 2007

Oh! No! Snow

Today we took Owen out to enjoy the snow. While I dislike the snow, it was worth the 45 minutes outside to see Owen have fun in the sled.

Like last year, not too many smiles - he just sat wide eyed checking everything out. He waved at dogs that passed by, and said "bye bye doggie" long after they were gone.

I believe, despite the lack of smiles, that he had a good time. An hour after we got home, he asked Anton to open the front door. Anton said it was cold outside. A few minutes later, Owen walks into the kitchen with his hat and mittens on, once again asking us to open the door!

Before bed I read him Sadie's Snowman which is about a little girl that makes a snowman, and then a squirrel steals the nose, a racoon steals the smile and the birds eat the eyes. Then of course the snowman melts, the little girl rebuilds him etc. Until the end of the winter when she freezes the left over water. Throughout the story Owen points at the snow and says "snow" and at the melted snowman " Oh no, snow down". When the squirrel steals the carrot nose he says, "Oh no, snow nose". He is such a genius.

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