Monday, January 15, 2007

Adding some colour

Owen got a brand new bedroom and play room today. Well, at least a new colour. Here is his beautiful new blue bedroom. It is the same colour as his old room, so he should feel right at home once we hang up his pictures.

We couldn't decide on a colour for his playroom, which will also be a guest room. So we asked Hannah's mom Jennie for an idea - and she said a buttery yellow. Great choice - it is pretty, fun and yet it can be toned down for a guest room. It is hard to tell from the photo, but it is more yellow than it appears here. When the guests come to visit - as you can tell we have a few things to move around or stuff into closets!

Owen helped us move all his furniture back into his room. Then he wandered around playing with each of his toys as though it was his first time seeing them! He even put some of them away without being asked!

And no need to be concerned (as if!) We haven't forgotten our room this time. While it didn't get a new paint colour - we did get some new bedding and a new wall hanging - thanks to some gift certificates... We finally have a "finished" room - we even have decorative pillows.

Lots of other things to do around the house, but Owen seems pleased with his colourful new spaces.

Now if only the house would clean itself.

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