Friday, March 14, 2008

Likely in the category of TMI

TMI, is of course - To Much Information...

So Potty Training has been going well. At least in the "pee" department. He has been wearing underwear to school like a "big boy" for four days. He still has accidents, and at nap time he wears a diaper - but all said it has been successful.

In the "poo" department - or department 2 as we like to call it....things are not so good. The first few days of "big boy" underwear he would wait until about 8:15p.m to poop. Basically, bath time, story time, bed time - then poop time. He waited until he had a diaper on, and we had given up having him sit on the toilet, and had gone downstairs while he was meant to be sleeping. He did the same thing at school on Wednesday - waiting until nap time. On Thursday he didn't poop. Today he said he had to poop. Sat on the potty for 10 minutes. Nothing. Got up and said he didn't have to go after all, that he had already pooped. When? I asked. Saturday, says he.

So now we have a boy who pees on the toilet, and who is going on to be seriously bunged up if he continues to avoid department 2.

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Cheryl said...

The only way we won the war over department #2 was with the "Poopin' on the Potty Bag". We decided to invest in some dollar-store type items in the hopes of recouping the cost in fewer diapers used. We put them all in a pillowcase, and every time #2 went in the potty/toilet, he got a toy (max 1/day). In 2 weeks it was done, then we said "when the bag is empty, there's no more" - and ta-da... the boy who had pooped In UnderWear for months was cooperating! But that's just what worked for us... :) Good luck... and congratulations on baby #2!!!