Friday, March 28, 2008

Disney Countdown!

In a few weeks we take Owie-Bear to see Mickey Mouse! Since Play House Disney started broadcasting in Canada he has been hooked on Mickey Mouse's Playhouse.

Miska Mooshka Mickey Mouse!We made the mistake of telling Owen we were going to see Mickey - back in December or January and because of that his little two year old brain thinks that every day is THE DAY!

"Going to see Mickey Mouse today? Miska Mooska Mickey Mouse! With Bobbi and Papa G. And, Mommy and Daddy. Going on an airplane, on a big airplane. It's me by the window, see lots of airplanes. Daddy works on airplanes. Daddy go to work?"

This is the basic Mickey Mouse speech. It varies only slightly. Then of course we have to explain to him that we aren't going TODAY. That it is still quite some time until we see Mickey Mouse. I showed him a calendar, and told him it wasn't this week but many weeks from now.

Unfortunately it doesn't take much to remind him about the impending trip. A picture of an airplane, his Mickey Mouse back-pack, the television program. The other day I was on the phone with my parents (who we are going to Disney with) and we were talking about Hotels to stay at. We didn't mention any of the following words:
  • Airplane
  • Mickey
  • Disney
  • Florida
Yet, somehow, Owie-Bear knew. He pipes up with " Going to see Mickey Mouse. With Mommy and Daddy."
I say, "And, who else?"
He says "Papa G."
I say "And, who else?"
He says " Owen!"
Meanwhile, Bobbi says " What about Bobbi!"
He says, " And Papa G."
We laugh. "Who is going to Florida, Owen"
"Mommy, Daddy, Papa G. and Owen!" - he laughs and laughs...
Poor Bobbi!

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Just Janice said...

Aww poor Bobbi. Sierra keeps asking about seeing the princess castle - I keep saying: when daddy gets home. Everytie she hears a car door slam outside she runs to the door, "Daddy home?" We go on a princess airplane to see the princess castle? Sorry sweetie - a few more sleeps.

Have a great trip guys!