Monday, March 24, 2008

Classy Baby: Functional and Fantastic

I went with my friend to the Safety Superstore, a fantastic store for parents of young-ones, and rather dangerous store for a pregnant mom.

I already have three strollers (a Graco Travel System, a wonderful MacLaren, and a Joovy Sit 'n Stand), two varieties of high chairs plus a Bumbo chair, a play-yard, bouncy chair, diaper bag, three different baby carriers, two car seats, and a play-mat for baby.  For my first child I was very practical, I bought the majority of these used, except for the play-yard, Graco Stroller, and car seats.  

Why then I am I so tempted this time around to buy some of these new lovely items?

Now three years later it seems that everything from high chairs to car seats, and baby slings to baby furniture is simply more stylish, more beautiful and better designed to fit my lifestyle. There are fantastic fabrics, less plastic, and more selection than ever before. Perhaps manufacturers are figuring out we want items that are both functional and fit our home style - even for our children - and that we are willing to pay for it!

A comparison:




Don't even get me started on the strollers...

Sadly, I think my husband would have a cow if I went out and bought even one of these things because it is beautiful and functional - rather than for "need".  I will have to live with the giant plastic high chair, and navy-blue ugly car seat, bouncy chair with fish fabric...for just another little while.

Although, couldn't I say I need a new Baby Sling because my Heart to Heart doesn't match all my outfits?

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macjo said...

I remember these days!!!! I bought my heart 2 heart sling during my 2nd preg, had no idea slings were so amazing first time around. You have to buy a few new things, its a rule!!!