Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fear of Car Wash!

Today was nice and warm. 11 degrees around 3:30 when we went for a family road trip to Costco. A great day for a car wash. And, what kid doesn't love the car wash.

Apparently ours.

During the wait, the seemed excited - maybe be because he didn't know what what it was quite yet. We get to the front and he starts to look nervous. Big wide eyes, mouth slightly open.

Once the water and the big spinning cloths hit the car- he has had it. The tears start flowing. " I want to out!" We both console him, and I hold his hand. He stops momentarily when the cloths stop hitting the car, but starts up again when the water powerfully hits the car.

At the end of the car wash we asked him if he wanted to do that again. "No, no, no.!"

Now at 6:30 he says, " I want to go in the car wash again." What a brave little boy.

Of course, this is also the little boy he wants t eat outside today. We are BBQing so I believe he remembers last summer when we did!

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