Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Kids say the funniest things...


Kids say and do the cutest things. I try and make a point of writing the really "good" ones down.  I know I have forgotten quite a few, but here are some that did make it to paper (or rather to Google Docs!)

No Storks, Just go to Florida

In April we went to Florida to visit with Owen's grandparents. At the time I was five month pregnant. Two months later Owen was still talking about the trip and of course was anxious to go back to "visit Bobbe and Papa Gordon". I use quotations because I suspect in his head, going back to Florida meant going to Disney World to see Mickey Mouse.  This particular discussion was quite lengthy as Owen was trying to get me to agree to go to Florida ("on Saturday" - the only day of the week he knew at the time) and he was giving me the reasons we should go. One, he wanted to go on an airplane. A big airplane. To Florida to see Bobbe and Papa Gordon. And, we could see Mickey Mouse (he says all of this with great big head nods, and yups and hmm-hmms), and we could also pick up the baby from Florida. Yes, apparently our baby was coming to us - direct from Florida.

Where is God?

Every night Owen gets to pick three books. One night he picked Bible Stories off of the shelf and my husband began to read him the story of Noah.  In the story it says " And God said to Noah...", but on the picture there is just a image of Noah, his ark and a bunch of animals. Owen looks at his dad, points to the picture and says, "Daddy, where is God?"

Where is my mind?

Owen loves music. I listen to Z103.5 which plays Hip-Hop, Dance and Pop music and when Owen began to sing to Acon and Kardinal Offishall's Dangerous song it crossed my mind that perhaps I should be listening to Raffi in the car. But, it was terribly funny one day when he was with my husband in the car listening to the Edge (Rock/Alternative station) listening to a Pixies song. Well, he picked that song up quite quickly - singing "where is my mind, where is my mind" frequently and on cue.


Look mom, Look at my Poop!

A few weeks ago I was called urgently to the bathroom. I imagined a mess like the last time I was called to attend him immediately in the washroom. This time however, I was greeted with " Look mom!" (pointing in toilet) "My poop made an "O"!"


My husband has a new name...

My son thinks he is a comedian.  When he calls his dad up from the basement, or bellows for him to bring him something he will yell, " Hon!..."

One day, just to see what he would say, I asked him what his dad's name was. He got it right, didn't actually say "hon", but I also asked him where daddy lived and he said " at work".


Hair Expert

My mom has very curly hair. To my dismay, and my father's she spends hours straightening and flattening it. I have often suggested that I like it curly so I suspect when this incident happened she thought I put Owen up to it. But it was all pure Owen. We were talking on Skype one day, obviously before my mother got around to the flat-iron routine. Owen says "I like your hair, Bobbe!"


Magic Marker Feet

I went out to a nail salon with a few girlfriends the other night for a friends "goodbye to singledom".  I had a mani-pedi. When Owen saw my red toes, he said "You coloured your feet red mommy! It looks pretty"


There are of course things I would rather not here from my three year old:

No thank you! (emphasis on NO- said in a particular tone!)
Don't talk to me like that
I don't like that
Phew (tongue out)
Jesus! (only once and then he seemed to have forgotten this one)

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Just Janice said...

I get, OKaaaayyy, okaaaayy... MOM! All the time - it's like she's 3 going on 14! I love how Owen calls A "hon", for awhile Sierra called me "Honey". LOL - it's amazing what they pick up on isn't it?