Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sound Sleeping


sleeping3 sleeping2 sleeping1

When Owen was four or five months he stopped sleeping through the night.  Not that he ever slept "completely" through the night.  The first two months he woke up frequently to nurse, and then for the following two months he would sleep for four or five hour stints.  So when at four or five months he started waking up every hour or two, we were distraught. This horrible sleep pattern lasted until a week before I went back to work when Owen was 10 months old.

Now, (knock on wood) he sleeps through the night 98% of nights. On some nights just getting him to stay in bed is the problem!

Last night, I waited for the sound of little feet upstairs, for doors opening and closing, for the call - "mom!" Nothing came. Woohoo I thought. Turns out I just didn't hear the footsteps over the sound of the dishwasher. I went upstairs at 9:30 and found my son fast asleep in MY bed, with his How to Catch A Star book, and my book - God Delusion - beside him. It seems he fell asleep reading!

I quietly moved him over, and crawled in beside him. I didn't have the heart to move him to his own bed.

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macjo said...

What a sweet pic collection of Owen. It's funny how sleep is something that occupies so much of a mom's thoughts!!!

Very sweet.