Wednesday, August 22, 2007

kids say the darndest things

I have a horrible memory. My husband tells me that all the time. And it isn't that I have selective memory as some women do - I simply do not have enough room for all the stuff going on in my brain - so some things have to go! Sadly, it often seems to be the little things in life. Stuff that people say...

Owen says and does cute things all the time. Sure every mom says that. But mine really does. LOL. Whenever I hear another mom tell a story of what her kid does or says that is funny - I say you need to write that down. Will you remember that quirky thing they did 10 years from now? A girl I work with for example has a three year old who is currently obsessed with his "pee-pee". She told me today that if she helps him put on his "knickers" - as she pulls them up - he will say "no mommy, it has to point down not up!" Apparently, most of the time he prefers to go commando- and since he usually dresses himself in the morning she has had to warn the daycare that he likes to hang free.

That is the type of story you need to write down for posterity.

So here are a few cuties from Owen. I have likely managed to forget many of the others. But I have a blackberry now and I intend to use it when Owen does something cute when I am away from a computer...

Thomas the Tank Engine

A few weekends ago a friend and I took the kids to the Halton Railway Museum. Owen loves choo-choo trains. He used to obsess over Thomas, but now he seems more interested in real ones and toy ones than the ones on television. For those of you who have not had to endure hours of Thomas & Friends this might not be funny to you - but for those intimately acquainted with James, Percy, Duck and Thomas...

To the unacquainted this looks like a giant garage for Trains.
For Owen - this is "Tidmouth Shed! Tidmouth Shed, Thomas Sleeping!"
In the TV show, Thomas and his fellow train friends, go back to the engine shed - called Tidmouth - to close their train eyes.

This man who was kind enough to loan Owen his hat, is actually named Kevin (I zoomed in on his name tag to find this out). But to Owen his name "Mommy, sih Topham Hat ovuh der"...

Sir Topham Hatt is the Chairman on the Railway in the TV series Thomas & Friends. Shockingly in the much older books he is called the "Fat Controller"

Potty Humour

Finally one more story. As we are trying to get Owen potty trained (so far only 3 successful "pees") - we seem to spend a lot of time talking about "peeing" "pooping", the parts required, the potty, the toilet....We even have a lovely British book called "Who's In the Loo?" which describes a Rhino in the loo who had a "Hot Curry" and Penguins taking a "Piddle."

The other night before bedtime, Owen was doing his usual running around, jumping on beds and all out sleepy time nutty-ness when he tooted. I made the mistake of saying "what was that?" and he said "I faaarted". I laughed - second mistake - since after I laughed he of course repeated the fact that he farted two more times. My husband will likely kill me for writing this, but the story doesn't get saved for posterity without it... Apparently when Anton tooted a few days ago, Owen said "Daddy pooping", and Anton corrected him and said that he farted not pooped. Likely he also explained that pooping gets done in the toilet. So now when Owen farts he makes sure you know it. If only, he would let us know when he had to "pee" or "poop".


Kim said...

haha, I LOVE the farting story! When Owen is a teenager he is going to be *so* happy you recorded all of these stories :)

Just Janice said...

LOL - so cute!

Sierra has a rocking horse she calls Rocky. When she was 22 mos old she lifted it's tail, pretend to sniff, then said "ewwww tinky". We laughed really hard - a few days later Rob tooted and Sierra walked up to his bum, sniffed and said "ewwww tinky"!