Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Few of Owen's Favourite Things

The park by our house. He actually believe that it is his swing, and his slide.

Any animals, but he loves Elephants. He has seen them twice this year at the Toronto Zoo and African Lion Safari. He also likes to sing "Elephant, Elephant" and run around the living room swinging his arm.

Owen loves going out on the town! He likes watching all the people, and dogs at the Market. He also loves the fact that Mommy always buys him fruit. "berries peas... "

Playing with kids his age, especially if the toy is big enough for all of them.

Reading. Owen will drag three or four books to you and say "read it". Current favs: Duck in the Truck , Bad Dog Marley, Who's in the Loo, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible No Good Very Bad Day (known as "Bad Day) and The Gruffalo.

He has one more favourite - and that is anything that has wheels, can fly or goes "choo-choo". But since we just when to the Railway Museum - I will save that for a post all on its own.

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