Wednesday, June 6, 2007

With Age Comes Wisdom

I have been lazy in writing these days. I spend hours on the computer reading other blogs, yet I don't seem to find time to write in my own. I should have lots to say considering that it has been months since I have managed to find the time.

Owen celebrated his second birthday on May 22...and May 12 (with his friends), and May 20th (with his Nanna and Poppa) and on June 3 (with his Bobbe and Popcorn - short for Poppa Gordon).

With age comes wisdom they say, and it appears to be true. This wisdom has manifested itself as a "creative" side in Owen. Owen has found creative ways to stay up later, encouraging you to read just one "more book". He sips at his milk every so slowly, or after finished one book he bats his eyelashes and says "mommy, more bad day" (which refers to Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good Bad Day). How can you say no to reading a book. TV no problem - shut it off. But a book...that is different it would be like turning down a request for more apple, or watermelon.

Another night he proved he was ready for business school - well at least smart enough to begin negotiating. His favourite meal - pizza was on the line. He had already had two pieces and with his tiny tummy he should have been full. He said "more pizza"; we said sure one more piece. He ate that piece and said "more pizza". We said, no more and offered some Watermelon. He continued, "more pizza, more pizza!" When we said no again...he screeched "One more piece, Mommy!"

Just last night before bed time I spent five minutes rounding him up to go for his bath. Finally I had him crawling up the stairs, and what does smartie-pants do? He waves at the mess of toys he has left behind on the floor "bye-bye mess". He knows that after spending time chasing him upstairs there was no way I was going to make him clean up the mess...

While Owen has learned to put on the charm and negotiate - he doesn't always succeed in getting his way - but I suspect he will continue to try!

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