Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Thomas, Gordon, Percy and Duck

Perhaps without the word "Duck" at the end - you might think I am referring to some of Owen's classmates or playmates. However, any parents of little boys know exactly what I am talking about.

Thomas, Gordon, Percy and Duck are all trains from "Thomas and Friends". My parents gave Owen Gordon the train as a gift (chosen likely for its name, identical to my fathers first name) a few months ago. Ever since then Owen has managed to sweet talk his way into two more "Choo-Choo Trains".

Now everyday he has to spend five minutes in the morning, standing forlornly in the doorway waving at the family room floor. "Bye-bye Gordon", "Bye-Bye Thomas", "Bye-Bye Duck" - and then repeat. And repeat.

A week ago we went out to buy him something to put all his toys into, and we found one with Thomas on it. Again Sweetcheeks smiled his coy little grin, and began pointing at each train on the shelf - naming them - Percy, Thomas, James... We were so impressed by how smart he is that we didn't see that Owen had packed every piece of Thomas furniture into the shopping cart. We arrived home with a Thomas bedroom set, including a toddler bed, table and two chairs, a stool and the intended toy bins.

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