Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Closing the Blog

I can no longer handle running two blogs... with two kids, and being the person responsible for cleaning and cooking (since I am not working:) ) I have zero time to keep up both blogs.

But, instead of getting out of "mommy blogging" completely I am joining my two loves together - marketing and my kids. No I am not going to try and market my kids...But I will blog about both on my other blog MEGO Again. Coming soon, you will get the same great content (Owen says funny things, weird ways my husband babysits!) but at another URL! And, as an added bonus I will throw in some incredible thoughts on Marketing, Social Media and the Internet! In fact, I may look writing some blogs that straddle mommy blogging and marketing blogging....

It will all be very exciting. So join me at MEGO Again! Remember to subscribe, for easy subscription use the "Subscribe" button in left column, or type in your e-mail address underneath that!

And if you want to know why it is called MEGO Again, and here my new tagline - click here!

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