Thursday, October 18, 2007

Family Time

Work has been unbelievably busy lately. I have been trying to keep up both of my blogs over the past few weeks - but obviously Owen's has suffered. It isn't that he hasn't done cute things or entertained us with new accomplishments - but when he does we seem to be away from home, and my laptop.

As I mentioned, work has been busy - events, planning, meetings galore etc. I worked a couple weekends on top of the work done at the office due to various events and consumer shows. You learn to appreciate the time spent with your family when you have to be away so frequently. Today I had a conversation with one of the younger managers at the office, trying to find a time to do some errands for our social committee. We were finding it difficult to locate a half an hour that was free for both of us, so he suggested we go after work.

I leave at 5 from the office. I arrive at 8, leave at 5. I am not a clock watcher but my time with my son is important so I want to have as much as possible with him before he goes to bed. As I see it everyday I already put in an extra 1/2 to 1 hr due to arriving at the office before anyone else. Not to mention the oodles of days I work on weekends (which I don't get time off for...). So am I going to stay late to do an errand for social committee?


Of course like other young people at my office - this manager didn't understand. He is there until 10 some nights. Whoopidity doo. I said of course that I have a family and I want to spend time with them, in particular my son (sorry hubbie!). I said someday when you have kids - you will understand. He said, he doesn't think so, that he won't have a problem staying late even with kids.

I have run into this before, younger - no-children staff who don't get why you have to take time off occasionally when your kid is sick, or why you rush out of a meeting to get home in time for dinner... Perhaps my mind is fogged up, or hind-sight isn't 20/20 after all - but before I had Owen I never thought like this. I always assumed that a baby would change how my life was. I didn't know how, but I certainly wouldn't have made a statement about something I know nothing about.

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