Monday, September 3, 2007

Sir Poopy Pants

Sir Poopy Pants is one step closer to becoming diaper-less! Yesterday, he peed in the morning on the toilet, and then he pooped on the toilet after his nap. We clapped and hugged anyone within reach. By George, he's got it! Apparently we aren't alone, at a neighborhood BBQ some other parents asked if we had done the "Potty Dance". We hadn't so next time we will add that into the routine.

Now in case you think we are amazing parents, I should admit bribery was at play. We bought a Thomas the Train kit at Costco, which included 250 reward stickers! So for every pee in the toilet he gets one sticker, and for every poop he gets two. Yesterday, he got three stickers...the first day we implemented this new training mechanism.

He sticks his stickers right on his little potty and seems very proud of it. I figure by the time he is done his potty will look like a Nascar with all the badges.


Just Janice said...

Yay Owen!

Wait til the stickers no longer work... We've upped the ante to M&M's. Apparently they work becuase we're starting day 2 of big girl undies. Yesterday we only had one accident and that was at lunch time when Rob was bbq'ing lunch and I was nursing Brooke.

OKbabybear said...

The stickers are still working. Did I mention they are THOMAS stickers. Plus, we have told Owen that once he has 20 he gets a new Train.

M&M's wouldn't do the trick since he isn't a huge chocolate fan. Don't get me wrong - he will eat them. But it wouldn't work like stickers.

Will keep you posted